Whole House Audio Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Whole house audio lets you listen to your favorite music, podcast, or book anywhere in your home, inside and out. From chopping veggies to straightening the living room while dinner cooks to sitting down at the table, you won’t miss a note. And all without those annoying earbuds that keep falling out and block other sounds.

Whole House Audio Options

There are two main categories of whole house audio systems: single-source and multi-source.

Single-source audio plays the same music in all configured areas. As the name implies, it uses a single source to supply the audio, no matter how many rooms are included in the system.

Multi-source audio allows you to use multiple audio sources. So, you can listen to music while relaxing in the tub, while the kids can blast their favorite tunes and hubby catches up on his favorite podcast. The number of sources the system can handle at any one time depends on how complex you’re willing to go.

Choosing the Best Whole House Audio System for Your Family

We work with you to determine the type of system that’s best for you, one that balances both your needs and your budget. We’ll look at how many people live in your home and which rooms you want to include in the system.

We also consider your home’s layout. For example, a sprawling, ranch style home may not be a good fit for a single-source system.

Whole House Audio Doesn’t Have to Clash with Your Décor

Some people hesitate to install whole house audio for aesthetic reasons. In short, they don’t want ugly speakers and wires marring their home’s décor.

When we started doing this over 30 years ago, that fear was valid. Today, though, we can install an audio system in your home that’s practically invisible. For example, you can choose speakers that are flush with the ceiling or hidden behind a wall – without any impact on sound quality.

There are also wireless options, including receivers, speakers, adapters, and amplifiers. These systems use a network similar to the Wi-Fi networks many homeowners use today.

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