The Best A/V Experience. Every Time.

It all began in 1981 when my father gave me my first soldering iron and the freedom to buy as many resistors and switches as I wanted from our local Radio Shack. I was there almost daily, the store’s salesman Scott was my go to guy. Jump forward a couple of years to 1985 when I started repairing TV’s and working with my dad in his Antenna business. This was great experience but my real passion was audio.  I would order speaker and amplifier parts with my paychecks learning what combinations sounded better and why they were better.
Over the years I moved up through the business until I opened my own high-end, custom audio/video, home theater business where would you believe I hired Scott? Before the last economy crash, my wife and I sold the company but this gave me the opportunity to move around and not only work with the Industry’s best, but learn from them. Today, my wife and I are proud to bring you Integrated Automation.









  • 30+ Years of Experience with a passion for all things related to Audio/Video and Home Automation.
  • At Integrated Automation, we strive to offer our clients the best products and services that will not only
    enhance your home but your lifestyle as well.
  • Once your project is complete we don’t disappear, you can always reach us by cell phone, text or email.
    We strive to create a relationship with our clients; if you have a question regarding your system let us
    know. We want you to confidently choose us again the next time you add to or upgrade your system.

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Every Project and Every Home requires specialized treatment. Here are our most frequently asked questions:

We customize our work to fit your space, because of this no two projects are ever the same. We will quote a project with an estimated time for completion based on our past experience and what we can see. Mounting a TV on your Great Room wall may seem pretty straightforward, but sometimes unexpected construction obstacles can cause extra time to be spent. We strive to deliver the best results with the best experience possible; this requires the job be done the right way, not necessarily the quickest way. Rest assured that if we under bid the labor on your project that is on us, we are not going to charge you more.

We are proud to offer a WIDE variety of products so that we can suggest the most effective options for your space at your price point. When new products emerge in the industry, we are excited to share them with you; we are the first to order them and try them in our homes. Then we can provide you educated feedback on the components that have the best performance. Contact us today for more information about the various product lines we carry.

We always encourage our customers to set realistic expectations for what their money can buy. Home Automation is a very personalized industry and can become an emotional experience. Every product line, such as Control4, Savant, Sony, Pakedge or Luma Surveillance, carries products at different price points. From our many years of experience we are familiar with the product lines and have learned if there are pros or cons to certain products. We work with you to make sure that you have the right product that fits your needs, fits your space and also fits your budget. We want you to get the most out of your system that you can – giving you the best A/V experience every time.