Our Most Recent Home Automation Installations

Integrated Automation installs home automation systems throughout the Phoenix-Metro area, including Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation is a system that allows you to control numerous aspects of your home with a single smart device, including lighting, HVAC, entertainment systems, security, and more.

In practice, home automation (also known as a smart home) gives you the ability to adjust your thermostat, turn lights on or off, see who’s ringing the doorbell – even when you’re hundreds of miles away. Instead of multiple remotes for TV, Blu-ray, satellite, and more, a single device starts the movie and dims and lights. If you get too warm snuggling with your sweetie during a scary movie, the same device lets you turn the AC down a couple degrees, all without leaving that comfy position.

Automation extends to the outside of your home, too. Connect your pool, hot tub, landscaping features, security cameras, and more to your smart home system. It also can be used to lower your blinds or lock your doors once you hear the last kid come home at night.

What Are the Benefits of Home Automation?

The most obvious benefit to home automation is convenience. There’s something to be said for turning on the oven, lowering the thermostat before you leave work, and monitoring the lights from a single device.

Automation also offers greater security. You can make lights switch on and off in different rooms, just like when someone’s home. Or close the blinds, turn on the television, even monitor your doorbell. And not just when no one’s home. See who’s ringing the doorbell when your kids are home alone. Monitor package delivery – and keep a digital eye on those dangerous porch pirates.

Why Call Integrated Automation?

Integrated Automation is certified to install home automation networks from Control4, Elan, Savant, and more. We collaborate with all subcontractors, including landscapers and pool techs, for seamless home automation installation. Call us today to learn more about home automation and even take a tour of a satisfied customer’s smart home.


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